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  Mumia's Habeas Appeal Denied by Pennsylvania Supreme Court
Free Mumia Coalition, NYC

On October 8, 2003, The Pennsylvania supreme court ruled against Mumia's habeas corpus appeal. They affirmed the PCRA (Post Conviction Relief Act) Court ... "properly concluded it was without jurisdiction to address the merits of his [Mumia's] claims, and dismissal without a hearing was appropriate" and that "...the appellant is not entitled to habeas corpus relief..."

This negative decision for Mumia was not unexpected from the outrageously biased Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Remember, the majority of them, if not all, were endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police. Also, Judge Ronald Castille, for whom ruling on Mumia's case certainly represents a conflict of interest, as he already ruled against Mumia once before, has refused to recuse himself, as was requested by the defense, and so was involved in this decision.

In the face of this total violation of any semblance of judicial neutrality, the burden rests upon all of us who care about Mumia and about political prisoners, or just about justice, to intensify our efforts for this next stage when Mumia's case will be before the Federal Court, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals.

Ona Move! Free Mumia! Free all Political Prisoners! Abolish the Death Penalty!

It is urgent that everyone turn out in Philadelphia on November 1st and December 13th. Contact our hotline at 212-330-8029 for more details and transportation info.

Click here to download a  pdf version of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision.

Click  here[local copy] to read an analysis of what this decision means for Mumia.

Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Coalition, NYC, P.O. Box 650, NY, NY 10009
212-330-8029,  www.FreeMumia.com,  info@FreeMumia.com

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